Arizona Heroic Aviators Series

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Four remaining pieces of a five piece series recognizing the Arizona aviation heroes painted for the City of Phoenix, Arizona< br/>
Photo number 1.) Ruth Daily Helm was one of the Women Air Service Pilots, or WASPs, of World War II.< br/>
Photo number 2.) “Balloon Buster” Frank Luke, Jr. was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously. Luke Air Force Base is named after him.< br/>
Photo number 3.) Arthur Van Haren, Jr. was Arizona's top fighter-pilot ace during World War II. In this painting he is standing on a carrier with his aircraft in the sky above him.< br/>
Photo number 4.) Tuskegee Airman and heroic aviator, Vernon Haywood flew dangerous missions in Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam.

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19 ,20, 35, 56 Yes 22″ x 17½” 2008 Oil on Canvas
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