The Space Mural, A Cosmic View (detail)

146′ x 46′, acrylic on canvas, 1975; collection of National Air and Space Museum

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Opening the Space Frontier – The Next Giant Step

16′ x 72′, acrylic on canvas, 1979; collection of NASA/Johnson Space Center

First Men on the Moon

7′ x 9′, oil on canvas, 1971; collection of Broadway National Bank, San Antonio, Texas

Skylab with Solar Parasol

30″ x 48″, acrylic on canvas, 1972; collection of McCall Studios

Apollo-Soyuz Linkup

26” x 36”, acrylic on canvas, 1974; collection of McCall Studios

Starway of Humanity

6’ x 11’, acrylic on canvas, 1990; collection of McCall Studios

Peace On Earth/Peace In Space

39” x 78”, oil on board, 1990; collection of McCall Studios

Hail Columbia, April 12, 1981

42” x 62”, oil on canvas, 1990; private collection

Columbia’s Victorious Return

24” x 30”, oil on board, 1981; collection of McCall Studios

Challenger’s Last Flight

38 ½” x 44”, oil on canvas, 1987; private collection

A Window To The Universe

48” x 72”, acrylic on canvas, 1989; collection of Honeywell Collection

The Spirit of Flight Research

10’ x 20’, acrylic on canvas, 1977; collection of NASA/Dryden Flight Research Center

The Spirit of NASA

36” x 72”, acrylic on canvas, 1982; collection of The Disney Corporation

Astronaut Edward H. White II First American To Walk in Space

36” x 58”, mixed media, 1970; collection of McCall Studios